DJ W!LD – Shape U (Rebellion)

DJ W!LD is back, this time on Crosstown offshoot Rebellion with a stomping summer anthem featuring Cari Golden on vocals ‘Shape U’. The original fuses the solid punch of a club weapon with the laidback feel of poolside disco, while the Fur Coat Remake gives the track an entirely different sheen all chugging disco bass-line, dark synths and pitched down vocals. An aptly named WILDER remix and dub from the producer ties up an unmissable EP.

The prolific DJ W!LD is one of France’s longest serving underground house heroes. As part of the Cocoon family and as a Circo Loco resident, DJ W!LD under various aliases has released on labels such as OFF Recordings, Robsoul, and his own imprints Catwash Records and W including debut album ‘Palace’ in 2011. Second album ‘D!RTY’ landed on Cabin Fever last year.

Originally from Dijon, W!LD’s passion for graffiti, street culture, disco, funk and hip hop led him into DJing, taking his name from cult 1983 film Wild Style. Relocating to Paris in 1996, DJ W!LD was instrumental in the French house scene, pouring his energies into the city’s underground club community and later becoming a globally successful artist and fixture at the best international clubs and festivals.

Fur Coat have been blazing a trail since their mighty debut album in 2012 on Crosstown Rebels ‘Mind Over Matter’ also featuring Cari Golden on vocals on the massive hit ‘You And I’. The fast-rising Venezuelan duo have been remixed by TEED and have a single forthcoming on Crosstown.

JustMe – Zero Gravity 1trax

In the search for new music, we happened to stumble upon some new talents with great new music such as the Dubby Tech sounds of deep house. One of the new artists that produces such music is JustMe. His sounds are influenced by the deep and dubby carriage of music, making an effort to release a sensation that was never before seen in this branch. He has entered the scene of the Underground Dance Music with his own label Mumble, that is going to release these cool new sounds of his soon. It has already released a two track EP including the tracks Pink Baron and Dubster`s Lab.
You can check his music here (JustMe`s official soundcloud)

Before one week we saw his production being released for 1trax label.  And as they write:
The debut release from a promising young Bulgarian talent, JustMe. A producer with a penchant for sultry aesthetics, dark overtones and killer grooves, JustMe has already grabbed the attention of top discerning selectors and labels alike. A trained sound engineer, JustMe’s emphasis of sonic quality is paramount in his production, with every sound carefully placed and tweaked into its own frequency range, all contributing to the greater cause, the sum of its parts, the groove. ‘Zero Gravity’ rings true to its name, with a heavy-set bottom that draws the listener into heads down space – hypnotic and heady. Techy, yet organic, like a dark earthy hole with shards of daylight poking through its dark exterior. On remix duties, Dean Barred gives ‘Zero Gravity’ a certain bounce whilst retaining its moody nature. Following suit, ‘The D.U.B.’ rolls along in a composed fashion with pin point precision on the processing. Rounding off the EP, ’303py’ broods with a gnarly edge. JustMe is just getting started but already impressing.

Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut starring Inaya Day – Let’s Stay Home

In the begining of the house Frankie Knuckles was the one to create the beloved house music that almost 50% of the population worldwide is now listening to. His music was dicovered in 1986 in Chicago and is ever since an ever evolving branch.

27 years late This week we are going to present to you his new  release on Nocturnal Groove.

Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut starring Inaya Day – Let’s Stay Home : Available from Monday 17th June 2013

Brand new from Frankie Knuckles, Director’s Cut and Inaya Day – ‘Let’s Stay Home’ has been gaining serious attention since in was premiered in Miami during WMC and is now set for full release on Nocturnal Groove.

Here we present the Radio Edit for preview while the full length ‘Director’s Cut Classic Club Mix’ will be available for download from Monday 17th June. Already gaining serious support from the likes of Masters At Work and Danny Krivit, this future classic has comes with a remix courtesy of Tony Humphries. Don’t sleep on this soulful summer bomb!!

UnderRated Podcast -04- with Robin Virag

This month`s UnderRated Podcast features the sounds of the young talented producer Robin Virag. As a DJ his carrier started in 2010, setting off in Bulgaria, Cacao Beach in the sunny resort  Sunny Beach. The same year Robin started his own label Housecast Records which managed to become the fastest progressing DJ label in Bulgaria featuring names like Paul Hamilton, DockOff, Deyan Dex, Dirty Bra and more. Though Robin had appearances in Bulgaria his carrier was pretty much developed in England, where he was working as a resident DJ of Filtered, where he was able to work alongside DJs like Matt Tolfrey, Eddie Richards and Jay Haze.
As a producer Robin Virag has released music not only for his own label, but also other world underground labels, like for eample Kote Recordings, Hush Records, and Lens and his productions are receiveing the deserved respect. Right now Robin is taking part in the Detuned shows that we have revised earlier in the blog.

Check out more on Robin here:

Q&A with Robin Virag

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Robin Virag, I am originally from Slovakia but I have been living in the UK for over 7 years now. I have been playing electronic music for over three years.

How is Robin Virag different from the other DJs out there?
Well, I think that every DJ/Producer is different due to the fact that they are all separate individuals with their own views and tastes on music. As far as I’m concerned I try not to limit myself to a specific style or genre but rather combine things I like and music that has influenced me over the years.

What influenced you in compiling this particular music for the UnderRated Podcast?
My UnderRated podcast consists of music that I have been collecting for a while plus some new releases that I have recently found. The style is Chicago influenced deep house with some oldschool disco and garage elements.

What have you been doing recently?
Lately I have been doing a lot of travelling, besides that I have finished a music production course in London but my main activity has been music production.

What should we expect from Robin Virag in the future?
I have a few releases and collabs that are due to be released over the summer for labels such as Something Different Again and Grouper Recordings. There are also a few shows I will be playing at in the next few months.

Matt John : The Keys Album (Cocoon Recordings)

Retro was the by far most overworked musical term in all areas house and techno. And well, we have to admit it it: So is this release by our new player MATT JOHN and his debut for Cocoon Recordings. However, this time “retro” works a bit different. It’s Sheffield, Warp, the early Hacienda- and LFO-days that are shining through here. No massive Kink-like-909-programming, no Chicago- and no New-York-house revival and finally not just another London- and Berlin-hipster-soundtrack. We are talking northern sound inspired techno here, dark but hedonistic, analogue synths and for those who remember: A Certain Ratio feeling all over the place! Of course this is what we hear here and what we feel and we have no idea if Matt John did all this on purpose but to be honest: We don’t care! This is great, this is good, this is techno as we like it and most important: This is hard to find these days. So let the show begin, ladies & gentlemen here comes MATT JOHN!

Detuned – 28 April 2013

The Underground Dance Music Blog will start with something new. We will offer a great opportunity for you to keep track of what is happening in the Underground Dance Music scene showing the newest and most innovative ideas for Dance Music events. The first event that we have the privilege to introduce is the newly created event series called Detuned.

★ Detuned is an elegant unity between a smartly chosen underground sound at Sofia’s boutique location Culture Beat which is located at the National Palace of Culture.
We are introducing a new fun opportunity to enjoy your Sunday coffee, brunch or a cooling beverage, surrounded by culturally influenced people.
Our crew of musical snobs promises to groove your Sunday afternoon overlooking the city and the mountain. Favorite cool brands will inspire to be happy and healthy. Forget the clichés about Sunday being a church day or time for long family dinner at Grandma’s …

Tune up and give it a try.

♫ Line up : Robin Virag, Dean Barred, Alexandar Kyosev, Slavi Peev & Anatolkin
Date: Sunday, 28 April 2013
Place: Sofia (Bulgaria), Culture Beat

Find out more on the event here (
Check out the sounds of the DJs:
Robin Virag (
Dean Barred(
Alexandar Kyosev(
Slavi Peev aka Sla-P(

UnderRated Podcast -03- with DJ Hristo Peev

This month the UnderRated Podcast is a very special one featuring a very special guest.

DJ Hristo Peev is a DJ from Bulgaria that has a lot of passion for the music and a lot of experience in this branch. He is a bright and a good guy, that always wants to have fun while working on something. He developed his passion for music when he was still a child, inspired by musicians such as The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Sasha, John Digweed and his idol Steve Lawler, who he met a while ago and it wasn`t long before Lawler got to promote Hristo`s DJ sets and mixtapes. Starting his carier at the age of 15, by playing music at house parties, he managed to create a name for himself, and eventually he got gigs at some of the best clubs in Bulgaria. Right after finishing High School he went to study in the Netherlands, but got driven off from College by his passion and the desire to play music for the people. In Groningen he became a well known Underground DJ, as he participated in DJ contests and got to be the warm up DJ for names such as Mark Romboy, Oliver Koletzki and Ropperton. In 2012 he, Robin Virag, Nikk and Sla-P started a collaboration called Soulvation and managed to do great parties at Chervillo (Sofia) and Cacao Beach (Sunny Beach). Now he has his own radioshow at the best Bulgarian internet radio station (Vibes Radio) called Synthesis aired every month by Hristo Peev as a host and a guest DJ afterwords. He has featured guests like Robin Virag, DJane Koki, Anatolkin and many, many more.

Hristo Peev on Soundcloud 
Hristo Peev on Facebook

Q&A with Hristo Peev

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi, my name is Hristo Peev. I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and I am 24 years old. I’ve started listening to electronic music since I was nine and cant live without it.

How is Hristo Peev different from the other DJs out there?
I wouldn’t say im that “different” to be honest. I just love what I do and have a true passion for it…That’s what makes me the happiest person out there.

How do you describe the music that you play?
It’s a mixture of deep and tech house, with a bit of dark influence sometimes… Lately im into jackin house and dubby grooves.

What influenced you in compiling this particular music for the UnderRated Podcast?
I just decided to express myself a bit different this time,while recording the set, I hope you like it.

What have you been doing recently?
I’ve been busy producing mostly… Also organizing some parties.

What should we expect from Hristo Peev in the future?
Hopefully even more dedication and consistency.